Price Difference

Raw hair has almost entirely a very dark (almost black) natural color.

First, all of our hair is thoroughly washed and then it is bleached. There are different bleach levels (different levels of brightness).
The lightest hair requires a three fold bleaching process, which means more time, energy and material invested. Therefore, light hair is always more expensive than dark hair.

White or very blond hair:
For this process, we purchase light or white raw hair (naturally untreated). This is achieved by using dark, almost black raw hair, in which single white strands are selected by hand.

Consequently, this has an impact on the price: white hair is the most expensive on the list.

The Advantage:
This hair must only be lightly and gently treated to get the desired color tone.

On the other hand normal, dark, raw hair must undergo an extensive chemical bleaching process to achieve the same color, but not without the distinct loss of quality.

Our in house white hair is delivered with the same quality standards as hair in other colors.