Hair Qualities

The company Blond & Braun ensures that all current hair qualities are available in in their product line. We would like to show you more of our individual qualities.

Human Hair:

-    Euro hair (Remy-Hair)
 Origin: Europe
 available lengths: 15-35 cm (depending on availability)

-     Euro-Mix Hair ((Remy-Hair)
  Origin: India (predominantly), South America, Arabia,
  available lengths: 15 - 80cm
  Through our original refinement process at Blond & Braun these hairs    

       resemble the European hair closely and are almost non-felting with intact 


-     Export or Asian hair (Remy Hair)
  Origin: Asia (not from China or Japan)
  available lengths: 15- 80 cm
  Contrary to hair from China, these hairs are much finer and resemble Indian

       hair, which is then enhanced during the refinement process.

Animal Hair:

-     Yak / Buffalo HairYak, Büffelhaar, Yakhair, white Yak, Yak Hair
  Origin: Tibet
  We offer two types of Buffalo Hair:
  * Buffalo Hair (top coat):
     This type of hair is ideal for

          knotting baroque wigs or for 

          manufacturing beards.

          available lengths: 15 - 75cm
  * Buffalo stomach hair:
     This hair is much finer and softer

          than the top coat of the buffalo

          available lengths: 15 -35 cm

-     Horse Hair
  Origin: Germany
  Horse tail hair