The cuticle is an important element of the hair because it’s scales protect the inner layers of the hair from drying out. Provided that the transparent scales are securely attached to the inner fiber layer (cortex), color pigment will be able to shine through to the outside, while simultaneously reflecting incoming light, resulting in shiny silky hair.

The cuticle functions as a protectant of the hair.

In non-Remy hair (tangled hair) an extensive part or sometimes the entire cuticle is often stripped through chemical treatments. This exposes the underlying cortex, making it incapable of reflecting light. This is why non-Remy hair is more sensitive and lacks a prettier shine.

Since no one wants lackluster hair, competitors often compensate for this negative side effect by coating the hair with a silicon layer.

Blond & Braun only offers Remy quality hair and never uses any type of silicon treatment during the production process.

The only conditioner our staff uses is PROTINA which is silicon