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Blond & Braun is one of the few wig manufacturing specialists in the German speaking market.

In the last few years, the use of silicon and other foam systems have been utilized in film and theater productions.

Blond & Braun offers current material groups for special effects.

Even for baldness we are able to help:
You can either choose our self developed-bald material (Tetan flowing skin) or a specific type of manufactured baldness material.

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Our product range includes everything a makeup artist’s heart desires.

At Blond & Braun you’ll only find the highest quality hair, since we exclusively buy Remy-Raw Hair on the international market.

We only offer double pulled Remy-Hair.
The hair is sorted according to length and will be delivered as ordered - without variations in length.

The entire process takes place in Salzburg, Austria.

Your Advantages:

  • Quick and flexible processing of your orders - including special requests.
    We carry all available hair in house at our store.
  • Expect consistent premium quality hair, since the entire treatment process is always done by us.
    Each step of the treatment process is closely monitored and we are able to take additional measures to ensure the quality of our products.
  • No minimum order requirement or small quantity surcharge.
    (Orders in weight increments of 10g are possible.)
  • Our team has many years of experience in the field of hair treatment and finishing.
  • No damage to the environment because our chemical waste is properly disposed of by a waste management facility.

Many stylists rely on our premium quality hair products. Our range of products include all types of hair commodities.

* Handmade weaves
* Machine made weaves (3 different thicknesses)
* Braids (two or three strands)
* Hair pieces (by customer request)
* Toupets (custom fitted)

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It is not always the big things, like a makeup chair, drying cabinets or makeup mirrors, that makeup artists ask us about. Our production sortiment also covers small parts and accessories.

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