For the past few years hair extensions have become part of a hairdresser’s daily business.

A few years ago, Blond & Braun developed its own hair extension system and introduced it to the market:

During this process real hair strands are neither glued nor affixed with heat to your own hair and can therefore be removed without the usage of solvents or heat.

The ‘easy hair’ method binds real hair strands with your own hair via small metal
sleeves (these sleeves are pressed flat so that they do not disturb the scalp).

This is the only method which won’t cause damage to your own hair. Its first successes were in the US and Canada and is now becoming the preferred method in many European countries.
Following a short training phase you can offer customers this in your salon.

Here at Blond & Braun we offer the training of our ‘easy hair’ methods. However, the
system itself, (tools, hair and sleeves) are not being sold to individual clients, since we want to provide a consistent high quality standard of our products.

The purchase costs are minimal compared to other systems.

If we have sparked your interest, please contact us.