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No more thinning hair - visit Blond & Braun!

For the past few years hair extensions have become part of a hairdresser’s daily business.

A few years ago, Blond & Braun developed its own hair extension system and introduced it to the market:

During this process real hair strands are neither glued nor affixed with heat to your own hair and can therefore be removed without the usage of solvents or heat.

The ‘easy hair’ method binds real hair strands with your own hair via small metal
sleeves (these sleeves are pressed flat so that they do not disturb the scalp).

This is the only method which won’t cause damage to your own hair. Its first successes were in the US and Canada and is now becoming the preferred method in many European countries.
Following a short training phase you can offer customers this in your salon.

Here at Blond & Braun we offer the training of our ‘easy hair’ methods. However, the
system itself, (tools, hair and sleeves) are not being sold to individual clients, since we want to provide a consistent high quality standard of our products.

The purchase costs are minimal compared to other systems.

If we have sparked your interest, please contact us.



Hair cosmetology training programs also focus on makeup artistry.
Blond & Braun offers top quality course materials in this discipline.

Just like in the field of professional hair care, we will help assemble an individualized hair styling kit designed off your needs and requirements.

A small statement about our available products:
* Makeup sponge
* Powder puff
* Brush
* Make up
* Lip stick
* Make up remover
* Hair crimps
* Artificial blood
* and much more

Send us a list of the materials you need and we will gladly send you a quote for all the listed items required by your training program.

We provide schools, students and educational institutions only the best quality supplies.

Many hair stylists rely on our premium quality hair products.

Our customer base includes many stylists who require artificial hair wigs for their female customers.

Our team is here to help out in anyway with your selection of our available wig models.

Once we receive your request, we will send you the wigs for your final approval and your customers can select the wig of their choice in the comfort of your salon.

If a wig meets the demands and needs of your customer, you can sell it immediately. The models that are not sold can be sent back to us within 10 days free of charge.

Items not returned by the deadline are considered purchased.
Only flawless, unworn, non-cut goods with original tags can be returned. Please send returns without postage. Shipping costs for returned items will be added to the bill.