Why choose Blond & Braun

The company Blond & Braun prides itself on being a reliable, innovative, respectable and flexible partner to our customers. We are a partner that can provide our clients (makeup artists, hair stylists, cosmetology schools,…) the products they need for their field of work.

       We guarantee our customers consistent high quality products. We have for example our very own self developed and custom built hair processing and refining machine in house. This machine allows us to provide consistent high quality hair.

       Here at Blond & Braun we are always searching for the newest trends, products, materials and processing techniques to meet the new demands of our fast-paced society. As a supplier we always offer our customers the newest products.

       We are committed to keeping our customers data strictly confidential. During the selection process of our suppliers we pay close attention to the integrity of their business. Several times throughout the year we visit our suppliers in Asia and India, in order to assess the local conditions.

       For special requests our team is ready to provide advice and council and fulfill our customers wishes. We will attempt with every bit of effort to fulfill any special requests not included in our product line.