Our company was founded more than 60 years ago under the name “Salzburger
Haarindustrie.” Since 1982 we have held the name “Blond & Braun.” Our company
deals with hair and has made a name for itself as a supplier to makeup artists and
cosmetology schools.

In 1987 a specialized machine was developed at Blond & Braun, which essentially
simplified the processing and refinement of hair.
All of our processes are carried out by a computer, thereby ensuring consistent high
quality hair.

We offer different types of human hair (from Europe and Asia) as well as animal hair
(buffalo, angora or horse hair) for purchase.
Our product line also includes the entire palette of real human products such as single strands, hair pieces, braids, wigs, toupets, etc. Additionally, we offer make-up artistry (brushes, sponges, make ups, artificial blood, silicon.)

In addition to our commercial customers we also serve opera houses, theaters, musical productions, hair dressers, cosmetology schools, independent makeup artists and film and television professionals. Additionally, we also deliver to private customers throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Blond & Braun has a presence on every continent.